Welcome To DCTPA

Next Monthly meeting will be August 10th at 7:30pm under the shelter behind the Moose bldg.  We will be discussing the fair pull.  Please try to attend.  We will also need volunteers to help with fair pulls.  If you would like to volunteer some time to help, please contact Kyle Schlechty.



Preble County Fair

Preble County Fairgrounds, Eaton, OH

Aug 4th

7:00 pm

Altered Farm

2.5 Diesel Trucks

Alt.Gas Trucks

Hot Rods

Hot Farm

Work Stock Diesel Trucks

Union City

Railroad Park at Sycamore St., Union City, Ohio

Aug 6th

1:00 PM

Div. 2 Antiques:7500lb, 6500lb, 5500lb, 4500lb


7,800 lb 2.5 Diesel Trucks Sponsored by: J&J Performance/ Rowland Truck & Equipment

9,500 lb Hot Farm Sponsored by: Precision Agri Services

6,200 lb 4x4 Alt Gas Trucks Sponsored by: Unger Fabrication/ Nyes Automotive

8,500lb Work Stock Diesel Trucks Sponsored by: Reid Health

5,800 lb Hot Rods Sponsored by: Frenchtown Trailer/ Cardinal Ethanol

9,000 lb Alt Farm Sponsored by: Brodbeck Seeds/ Koenig Equipment/ Dave Kehl Chevrolet




We value each and every one of our members but just as a reminder, membership cards do not guarantee free entry into the pull.  As always, if you are pulling in the show, you and 1 other person will be allowed free entry.

If you have volunteered to work at the show, make sure you are on the list by contacting Kyle to be allowed free entry.  If you are not pulling and you are not working at the pull, please be prepared to pay at the gate.  The gate personnel are not usually part of the club and will not be able to make any exceptions, please do not ask.  If you have concerns or questions,  please see an officer or director of the club.


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As an officer of the DCTPA I would like to let everyone who reads this site know that each member, puller, director and officer is a wonderful and helpful person.