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June 7th 7:30pm

2017 DCTPA Rules Are Posted Please Check Them!

Red Key, IN  

June 10th


Div. 2 Ant. 4500, 5000, 5500, 6000, 6500.  4MPH


9,000 lb Alt. Farm Sponsored by: Brodbeck Seeds/ Koenig Equipment/ Dave Kehl Chevrolet

5,800 lb Hot Rods Sponsored by: Frenchtown Trailer/ Cardinal Ethanol

8,500 lbWork Stock Diesel Trucks Sponsored by: Reid Health

6,200 lb Alt Gas Trucks Sponsored by: Unger Fabrication/ Nyes Automotive/ Mary Kay

7,800 lb 2.5 Diesel Trucks Sponsored by: J&J Performance/ Rowland Truck & Equipment

9,500 lb Hot Farm Sponsored by: Precision Agri Services

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Banner photos courtesy of Harrison Images-Motorsports



As an officer of the DCTPA I would like to let everyone who reads this site know that each member, puller, director and officer is a wonderful and helpful person.